Any good recommendations on how to setup a Linux Kiosk Xojo application

I am new to Xojo and Liux, and I am trying to develop a custom Kiok application, that basically displays between 1 and N web pages. I am using the HTMLViewer to display an HTML5 page, and then arrange it on the screen as needed. There is some business logic (Auto Log off after inactivity, Admin Screen, User Screen, View only Screen) that I need to add to the application. Where I get stuck is on how can I disable all the different Linux desktop icons, and applications. Any good recommendations on how to disable everything on the desktop except my application.

Haven’t looked at this for a while, but I think Google Chrome (browser) may actually have a “Kiosk” mode.

I use Porteus Kiosk ( with a Xojo web app. I have a separate server for this, not sure if Porteus allows installing and running a local app. But it does manage keeping the browser open and there are various options to lock it down.