Any expereince with company verification and Onfido

Does anyone have any experience with Onfido and company verification?

One of our partners is requesting that we verify our company through Onfido; this involves sending digital copies of the company documentation to Onfido. I am very uncomfortable with this as it’s my responsibility to ensure that my company doesn’t participate in illegal activities. Once the documentation has been digitized and sent over the internet; I’ve already lost control of it.

The whole thing feels phisy to me (yes I’ve verified with my contact that it is they who are requesting this company verification). They refuse to accept public company information, the company name is displayed in Apple’s Mac App Store (which requires Apple vetting the company prior) or that they pay directly into the company bank account, as proof that our company is a legal company.

See my other reply… who do these people think they are?

this onfido sound dodgy to me.

look at this url