Any Apple Enterprise Developers created an IOS app?

We recently signed up for the Apple Enterprise Developer program so we could distribute an in house developed IOS app to our Ipads. I have spent all morning trying to build the App with the new Enterprise Profile and keep getting “a distribution profile is required when building for the app store.”

I have a distribution profile called Enterprise listed in my Xcode.

I was told I must build it for the App store for me to be able to distribute it through my Profile Manager distribution program.

Any other Enterprise Developers out there?

My IOS Provisioning Profile Type is IOS UniversalDistribution not the usual IOS Distribution when you use Ad Hoc. Could that be causing a problem with the codesigning?


I have not yet used Xojo to create an iOS app, but have many Enterprise apps which predate Xojo support for iOS and are easier to maintain in their original source. While the tooling takes care of it for me now, in the early days I had to create my own *.ipa files and it isn’t that hard. So while waiting for your feedback case, if you need to do something short term do this:

  • Create *.app bundle (assuming here that Xojo can do this for you easily enough)
  • Right click *.app and “Show package contents”
  • Copy your enterprise license into the root of *.app (file should be called embedded.mobileprovision)
  • Close *.app contents
  • Create empty folder called “Payload”
  • Drag *.app into Payload folder
  • Compress Payload (i.e.
  • Rename to *.ipa

You might even be able to automate this with a build script.

Thanks for the info! Will give that a try!