Answers is Live!

You may have caught wind about the app I’ve been working on for a while now in a few of my other posts.
I just wanted to mention that version 1.0 has been released this morning!

I sent the press release to pr@xojo, but who knows if they’ve got it - and I just couldn’t contain myself anymore.
Answers is made with pure Xojo, and available for Mac and Windows!

Check out the website:

Straight outa Rochester!

Nice Tim!

just FYI… I tried to download and got error:

Thanks for bringing that to my attention o.O
I guess I never tested the Windows download…
Fixed :smiley:

Bring on the themes. :wink:

We are actually closed today (for Labor Day in US), but I’m sure Dana will get it posted first thing tomorrow.

Answers look really nice!

This will become really handy!
I’ll consider buying it after I’ve tried it out a bit more :slight_smile:

Very nice application Tim, just downloaded it.