Answers 1.1.6 - Now 64 bit!

Dec 29, 2015 - Marking a milestone for Answers, today’s update for Mac fully utilizes the 64bit architecture. Among a number of updates and fixes, Answers 1.1.6 is now a 64bit app for Mac. With rich text editing added one year ago, 64bit allows you to have larger files with many images. Answers is your go-to app for help documents of any size.

Help documents are vital to customer support, and making them is no longer a challenging task. Answers from Tim Parnell, makes creating and organizing help documents simple. By allowing users to focus on the content, not the code, anyone can quickly create help documents like software help books or website FAQs.

Now updated, Answers allows you to build complex documents of corporate size. This ability extends new power to your communication, making it easier to convey your message with screenshots and more. Version 1.1.6 also fixes some minor bugs reported by users.

Answers 1.1.6 is available now for Mac and Windows. Download it now from the website for free. Answers is free to use and build with. Some options and build types are limited to Pro users. Upgrading to a Pro license is $29 USD.

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