Another Strange in Xojo…

The Screen shot shows the Code and the error.

Monterey 12.6
Xojo 2021r2.1
m1 MacBook Pro

Color.Black is defined in the Language Reference.

TF_Color_Black.Text = Str(Color.Black)
' or
TF_Color_Black.Text = Color.Black.ToString

Thanks Martin, I will test.

The strange part is… this syntax works for all other Constants I used… (RGB, CMY, …)

I think. But my brain need a rest right now andI do not talk about my stomach :wink:

No it does not.

Here’s the code:

// Far above:
BgColor = Color.FromString("&H" + TF_Color_Hex_Value.Text)

// Many lines, then:
TF_Color_Black.Text = BgColor.Black.ToString

BgColor is no the class, but maybe a variable and that can confuse the compiler.

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BgColor is a Color Property.

Yes, but for Class Constants you should use the class name, not the name of an instance of the class. Instead of

// rather than:
// use:

There are some rare instances where you can get away with it, but not many and it should be avoided.

I do not want to Paint it Black, but to get the Black part of a Color.

Did you read Greg answer above ?

Sorry, I can’t see anything from Greg in this thread?

Emile got confused with this other thread: How do I get K with CMY Function?

What Emile is trying to do with BgColor.Black is to get the K (black part) of the color assigned to BgColor. On the other thread, Greg explains this.

Ah, that’s not what black is in this context. returns the colour black.

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