another strange compiling error ? (desktop app)

[quote]CCVNSCalendar.ListboxWeek.Name Layout (property name)
Syntax error
what can it come from ?
it is a listbox inside a container control
I changed the name with no luck
I also have another listbox (named listboxday) with no error.

xojo 2018r3 macos 10.11.6


A control named like a reserved word?

I once had this with BevelButton names BevelButton.

which one ?!?!?

Sorry, I don’t see the problem.

Maybe you make a copy of the project and than remove stuff till it works?

Container controls can expose the properties of their children as ‘their own properties’
VERY long shot … is the name property of this listbox also being used as a property of the Layout somehow?
What happens if you remove the listbox entirely?

will try to delete the listbox and re-create it

well just for the records, the problem came from … the initialvalue of the listbox !
it had 7 constants on the header with #k prefix and if I removed it, then it compiles fine.

tried to make a new empty project with quite the same organisation, but there was no error at compile…

Any time you get a syntax error in a Name property it’s usually a corrupt project.
File a feedback case and attach your project, they’ll find it.

I removed this listbox from the project, it compiles fine
I put it back it compiles fine
I put back some text in the initialvalue, it compiles fine
I put back one #k constant in the initialvalue, I get the syntax error name