Another Shell example (from June 2nd, 2021)

I was not able to make the project running (last year) only because I do not used full path instead of file names. The project is unchanged (is the same).

Until minutes ago 5 people downloaded it (in fact only 4, I am the 5th downloader) and I never had any feedback since the sharing.

Terminal Example 1.03

Be sure to use full path in the form:

ls -l ./Users/emile_schwarz/Downloads/
mkdir ./Users/emile_schwarz/Downloads/MyFolder;

Works here, a minute ago;

Xojo 2021r2.1
Monterey 12.5
m1 MacBook Pro Feb 2021

sqlite3 -header -csv ./USers/emile_schwarz/Downloads/Emile/chinook.db “select * from artists;” > ./USers/emile_schwarz/Downloads/Emile/artists.csv

Provided you have the chinook.db file and the paths are correct (they are here).

From catalina and after if i remember the " / " is READ-ONLY.
on your project if i give /users/myname/Emile working fine
in you project give > csrutil status and you see the status of the /

both working on me !!

I love that shell image.

I even add to it the Shell (oil company) colours… (in the larger, original image).