Another plugin not seen by compiler problem, macOS

This is Xojo 2020r1 with the plugins used with 2019r3 just fine:

and this is on macOS!

We really need Xojo to report if there is any failure to load a plugin dylib.

Could <> be implemented for next update to 2020r1 ?

this time auto complete does not see it, so I assume Xojo is running under quarantine:

Screenshot 2020-08-30 at 10.52.04

We need Xojo to detect quarantine status and tell user!

Clearing quarantine flag makes Xojo load plugin:

xattr -d /Applications/Xojo/

But Xojo should detect that it’s translocated. e.g. copy this to Xojo’s Open Event:

// check for quarantine

If app.ExecutableFile.NativePath.InStr("/AppTranslocation") > 0 Then
  Dim d As New MessageDialog                  // declare the MessageDialog object
  Dim b As MessageDialogButton                // for handling the result
  d.Icon = MessageDialog.GraphicCaution       // display warning icon
  d.ActionButton.Caption = "Show Help"
  d.CancelButton.Visible = True               // show the Cancel button
  d.Message = "Xojo is in quarantine. Do you like to learn how to fix this?"
  d.Explanation = "While Xojo is in quarantine, it can't load plugins."
  b = d.ShowModal                             // display the dialog
  Select Case b                               // determine which button was pressed.
  Case d.ActionButton
    // user pressed Save
    ShowURL ""
  End Select
End If

Maybe someone at Xojo Inc. could setup the wiki page for this and copy & paste that in Xojo code and see whether it works fine.


Xojo 2021r1 still can be installed with quarantine :frowning:
Customers complain to me about this.