Annoying web browser popup WITH ERROR when I press F1? Xojo 2021r3.1

When I press F1 to read the reference/documentation, I get 2 windows that pop up, one is inside the IDE and the other one is my web browser opening a window to XOJO website with an error. It has never been helpful since day 1. It pops up every single time with the error that whatever’s inside the base64 GET parameter is too long. Like how is this feature supposed to be useful and if it isn’t then how the heck can I completely disable it so only the IDE reference window pops up?

What version of Xojo are you using?

2021r3.1 which I’ve purchased and installed just a couple weeks ago.

What version of Windows are you running? I’d like to see if we can reproduce it here.

Windows 7 64-bit

We recently released a major update that has a whole new documentation system. Please download 2022r1 and let me know if you have the same problem. If you do, let me know if it happens when you choose Help > Documentation as well.

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Will do tomorrow and will definitely report back here, thx.

The new documentation is a big step backwards. I had a similar bug on macOS which Xojo never was able to reproduce. With the new docs the bug is gone for me.

Wait, the new doc is a step BACKWARDS? You mean FORWARD?

No, I meant backwards.

There is a fast search with bad search results. Then there is a slow search which takes about 30 seconds to run. That one has differently bad search results. On Monterey I couldn’t find out why I sometimes get the fast or the slow search.

On High Sierra I only get the slow search. There the search result usually start with dozens of release notes.

And most of the example code is truly cringeworthy.

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Split Beatrix’s answer in two sentences :wink:
Her first sentence is about the new whole documentation system, while the remaining two are sort of an enhancement. In other words, the “bad” new documentation also cleared a bug in the old documentation, since it no longer exists. :wink:

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I found that if I leave the Xojo reference window open in the background, the subsequent times that I press F1, my web browser does NOT pop up a new window, thank god. So until I try Xojo 2022, I’ll eternally leave the reference window open in the background.

I won’t be trying Xojo 2022 soon, given how many bugs are still in 2021 after that many releases. This leaves me with the impression that the first few 2022 releases are presumably going to be filled with bugs and more annoying to use than 2021r3.1 which I’m slowly getting accustomed to.

This is indeed fixed in 2022r1.1. I just installed it and I confirm it’s fixed. Thank god :stuck_out_tongue: