Announcing UniFormis from bytemasters GmbH

Announcing UniFormis from bytemasters GmbH

We at bytemasters GmbH in Hamburg, Germany had the need for a fast and easy CRM-Solution to manage our customer data and -activities. We didn’t find any suitable solution, so we just developed our own CRM-Solution.

UniFormis is our CRM solution for Mac OS X, Windows and soon iOS, with the focus on simplicity and usability. Manage your customers, contacts, notes, tasks and emails with one of these three editions: The Personal Edition is for single user environments, the Professional Edition is the best choice for small to medium sized teams and the Individual Edition is the perfect solution for all types of businesses that require a custom feature set. We plan to release an iOS-Edition in the next months as well.

We use Xojo for a few years now for our internal software development to create tools we need by ourselfs. With UniFormis we’ve build our first Application for an external market. Xojo made it easy for us to develop a multi-platform application in short time.

You can buy UniFormis on our Website ( for an limited introduction price starting at 9,99 € for the Personal Edition and 49,99 € for the Professional Edition. An App Store Release is coming soon.

Michael Bzdega, Founder and Managing Director at bytemasters GmbH