Announcing DataViewer for Xojo Developers

12th January 2014, Ripley, Derbyshire, UK. New Component for Xojo and Real Studio Developers.

DataViewer is a collection of objects for Real Studio / Xojo that you can easily incorporate into your own applications to give SQL Query functionality for SQLite and MySQL databases along with Data Export facilities. It is available to purchase for use ‘as in’ within your own software or alternatively with Full Source Code. Once purchased their are no restrictions on use.

Connect to any SQLite or MySQL Database
Very small Footprint. < 5Mb
Incorporate Easily into your Own Apps
Objects Window showing Tables and Columns
Drag and Drop from the Objects Window to the Query Window
Double Click Tables and Columns to Copy to Clipboard, Paste into Query
Results Grid can be customised for Font, Size, Stripe Colour and Line Type
Results Grid can Switch between ‘Fit to Grid’ and ‘Show Horizontal Scrollbar’
Auto Highlighting of SQL Keywords (Caps, Bold, Coloured - or Any Combination)
User Definable Keywords List
Each SELECT reports Time Taken
Export Results Data in Tab Delimited, CSV or JSON Formats
Save and Load SQL Scripts
One Click for Record Count, any Table
One Click to Fetch 20 Records for Quick Query
One Click to Fetch All Records
Insert a SQL Template
Reactive Results List - Auto ‘Fit to Grid’ or ‘Show Horizontal Scrollbar’
Results List now inside nside a Tab Control: Future Use
SQL History List - Double Click to Recall
Windows Sizes and Positions Saved on Exit
List View Configurations Saved on Exit
DataViewer is available now in two editions, the Standard Edition is £50 and the Professional Edition which comes with Full Source Code is available for £150. A Demonstration App is available, as is a Demonstration Movie.

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Product: DataViewer
Purpose: SQL Query and Data Export Tool for Real Studio and Xojo Developers
Platform: Windows and Mac OSX
Size: 5Mb
Copyright: Steven John Cholerton