Announcing ChartView Control for Xojo Version 1.3

Chart View is a modern charting solution for all your Xojo projects.
It includes several Chart types such as column, line, area, bar, combo charts, scatter, pie and doughnut.

The Chart View offers a very high level of customization. Chart View uses advanced drawing techniques to anti-alias all drawing on Windows and Mac OS. Every part of the Chart View has been highly optimized for performance. The Chart can now be animated on Mac OS and Windows when loading new data.

In order to improve your coding time, the Chart View loads Data from various sources such as a Listbox, CSV files and even Database Records.

Version 1.3 brings Retina support for compatible Mac OS applications.
The ChartView can now display Scatter charts with a regression line or moving average line.
The Chart can now display animations on Windows and Mac OS applications. Choose from one of the 30 integrated animation schemes such as linear, bounce, elastic and much more.

We have also made various bug fixes and optimization in the drawing process.

Pricing and availability:
The Chart View is priced at 79€ for unlimited use and 6 months of free updates.
Full source-code is also available on our store.

For more information visit: