Announcing BKeeney Training Day 2014

BKeeney Software Inc. is proud to announce our second annual training day to be held before the annual Xojo Developers Conference (XDC). We’ll be holding it in the same location, the Monte Carol Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 25 (the day before the conference starts).

The morning session is devoted to desktop applications and the challenges of Xojo cross-platform applications. The afternoon session is all about web applications and the challenges and solutions to building and deploying them. Our entire development staff will be there, so you can ask those really hard questions.

We will be recording the sessions again this year so attendees and subscribers to our Xojo Training videos can view them long after the conference is over. Speaking of training subscribers, all attendees of the training day will receive a complementary three month subscription to our library of 100+ videos.

Early bird pricing is good from now through December 31st. Advanced registration is good through February 14th, 2014 and after that registration is full price.

More information, pricing, and purchase details can be found at See you in Las Vegas!