[Announcement] HTML Edit Update 1.1

Good morning! (or evening, or night, whatever your time may be!)

There has been an update to HTML Edit. This update fixes a couple bugs and adds a new module, InlineStyle.

Fixed the HTMLViewer accepts every drop oversight
Taking advantage of the aforementioned fix, users can now drag/drop images to insert them

A simple module with one purpose, it takes HTML with a separate section and turns it into inline styling compatible with Quill. This was made for and tested with output from Styled HTML Field.

About HTML Edit
HTML Edit is a drop in control that helps desktop developers get and set HTML for WYSIWYG Rich Text editing. This Xojo wrapper / translator harnesses the power of Quill. You can slam complex markup at the control and it will render quickly, and display just as the markup would in a browser. To make things easy it mimics much of the functionality of a TextArea, so you already know how to use it. HTML Edit lets you use native Xojo code to control the Quill editor, so you’re working with strings, booleans, and colors - instead of sorting out JavaScript errors.

Product Page: http://timi.me/htmledit.html
Download: http://timi.im/htmleditdemo
Screenie: http://timi.me/about_htmledit_ss.png
Docs: http://timi.me/files/htmledit-docs.html