[Announcement] HTML Edit Desktop Update 1.8

Hello everyone!
Some updates for HTML Edit today! Clarity, fixes, and a new flattening tool.

Full Changes
This update has a couple fixes, a new constant, and a new flattening tool:

  • When a user creates a link in HTML Edit they can open it if they like. Previously attempting to open a link did not work. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed focus issues
  • New “Version” constant makes it easy for you to tell which version of the control you are using.
  • Flattening tool now imports the .kit file for you so you don’t have to create the single html file yourself.

The Focus Fix
In a small update a few days ago I had fixed a focus issue on Windows. This update fixes that fix for Mac. Wouldn’t it be nice if all platforms just agreed on things? With this update the focus issue should be properly fixed on both platforms and should give us no more trouble.

New Flattening Tool
Due to a number of requests coming in for the flattening tool to be easier I have updated it. It now does all the file importing for you, and creates the flat HTML needed. No more copy and pasting with text editors. Being a Pro just got easier.

Try It Out!
Give the demo a try! It’s fully functional in debug mode. To build or deploy, purchase a license for $79

About HTML Edit
HTML Edit is a drop in control that helps desktop developers get and set HTML for WYSIWYG Rich Text editing. This Xojo wrapper / translator harnesses the power of Quill. You can slam complex markup at the control and it will render quickly, and display just as the markup would in a browser. To make things easy it mimics much of the functionality of a TextArea, so you already know how to use it. HTML Edit lets you use native Xojo code to control the Quill editor, so you’re working with strings, booleans, and colors - instead of sorting out JavaScript errors.

Product Page: http://htmledit.timi.me/
Download Demo: http://htmledit.timi.me/demo
Docs: http://htmledit.timi.me/docs.html

Toggle enabled doesn’t seem to do anything in the demo.