[ANN] Xojo 2024 Release 1 Is Now Available

Xojo 2024r1 Available for Download

Announcing the arrival of Xojo 2024 Release 1, packed with over 30 new features and more than 250 fixes!

Download available here: Xojo: Downloads

Major Highlights

  1. Linux: Building for Linux included in the free IDE
  2. Version Control: Lite licenses save in Version Control format
  3. Popovers: Available for iOS, desktop, and web projects
  4. Barcode Class: Create and scan barcodes for Mac, iOS, and Windows
  5. SQLite: Updated to version 3.45.1
  6. iOS SDK: Updated to version 17.2
  7. Plugins: Plugins can now include external shared library dependencies

For a detailed list of improvements and fixes, see the Release Notes.

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