[Ann]Trixi's Tabsheets

When trying to make Alex Restrepo’s Custom Tab Panels Retina compatible I noticed that I didn’t need most of the features. And so I made my own tabsheets:

  • no close box,
  • no moving of tabsheets,
  • with Retina support,
  • tested only on Mac,
  • needs MBS plugins.

Download here: http://www.mothsoftware.com/downloads/trixistabsheets.zip . The code has a simple BSD license.

Missing the custom tab control in the download.

Ups, sorry. Should be okay now.

i got the following image when i run the app but it still open ok and the tab control look really good.

Very nice. I made a few changes and now I don’t need MBS.


Thank you for posting this, I was planning on re-writing an old tab system I made from a few years ago. This is more elegant than what I had going on.

why do u need MBS for tab control?? Jason?

Some of the drawing routines used some MBS function calls. You don’t actually need them, so I changed a few things to remove the dependencies. If you use the MBS plugins then you don’t need to change anything.

Hi Jason, would you mind posting the modifications?

It honestly wasn’t that much, I only had to change a few lines of code. But here it is. I plan on making a few more changes so the tabs can be dragged around and have everything still function. I’ll post that here later once I finish it.

Excellent! Big THANKS to Beatrix & Jason!

I’ve uploaded version 1.1 to http://www.mothsoftware.com/downloads/trixistabsheets1.1.zip

1.1 03.01.2014:
Corrected build script for Retina
Added a constant to use the MBS Plugin or not

@Jason: thanks for the idea with MBS. But the endcap needs to be flipped. I’ve added the ImagePlayLibrary and flipped the endcap with this.

The artwork still needs a bit tweaking. I’m not sure how to handle the original artwork because this is Adobe Fireworks. The application has the neat feature of being able to define slices. Does anyone know if Photoshop has something similar?

Fantastic. Works great. Thanks Beatrix

Hi Beatrix, I’m not sure you do need to flip the picture, looking at your example which is flipped and mine that isn’t I honestly don’t see a difference. Here is a picture of each. Photoshop has something called layers which are probably similar to slices in Fireworks, but since I have never used Fireworks I can’t be sure. I’m close to having draggable tabs also, I’ll post that when I finish.

i don’t see any difference either.

I have cloned the @Beatrix Willius Tab control using my customTabs. As I’ve messaged and shared with @Richard Duke, I have many many custom controls. As part of the controls bundle, I’m working on a Theme builder so that a developer can create a custom theme for their application and all controls (comboboxes, buttons, tabs, radio-buttons, groupboxes, breadcrumb bars, progressbars, and many more) will all have a unique similar style.

Here is @Beatrix Willius’s tab control clone demo:


for pages, add a pagepanel…tabs are also embeddable. (I only included the tab control clone…you can test it out)

try it again :slight_smile:

Yeah thats why I deleted my post :slight_smile: Second time’s the charm.

no plugins required. canvas based, retina compatible

How do I add more than one tab? I tried adding a tab (no pun intended) between the titles for the tabs in the initial value field but it didn’t do anything.