[ANN]: Studio Stable Web Essentials Free

Hi there,

I’m happy to announce that a small (but important) subset of Studio Stable Web Essentials is now available at no charge to all Xojo customers. This package is called Studio Stable Web Essentials Free (“Web Essentials Free” for short). It includes the mySession pseudo-global, and the WELocalStorage and WESessionStorage classes. Full source code is included.

The mySession pseudo-global is a replacement for using the Session pseudo-global. It avoids many of the historic pitfalls of Session by using app.GetSessionForControl and caching the result appropriately. It requires a couple of things:

  1. You need to commit to using it. It does you no good if you sprinkle Session calls in your code.
  2. You need to change the supers of your Session, WebPage, WebContainer, WebDialog, and other classes to their corresponding Web Essentials intermediate classes. This change also gives you a handy PrepareToShow event called the first time a control or page is shown.

You can read more about mySession here. I’ve helped several Web Essentials customers eliminate difficult problems in large projects associated with using (and sometimes mis-using or over-using) the Session pseudo-global.

WELocalStorage and WESessionStorage implement HTML5 local and session storage. These are way handier than cookies for data you’d like to stick in the user’s browser.

We’ve also got a handy class interface in Web Essentials Free for creating objects that handle special URLs. Just implement a class and load up an instance in app.Open.

Full source code to all this stuff is included with a license that makes it possible to share unmodified code so long as you don’t remove copyright and license notices. Get it from our download page. Simply sign in by clicking the “Guest” button.


Brad Hutchings
Hutchings Software