[ANN]: Studio Stable Web Essentials 2013.5

Hi there,

I’ve released Studio Stable Web Essentials 2013.5. Two big additions:

  1. You can sort columns of a WEListBox by clicking the headers, ascending and descending. The sorting is done on the sever side. It is surprisingly fast with hundreds of rows and many columns. If you’re currently sorting by refilling your listbox, this will probably feel faster. The sort is done alphabetically on cell values for the sort column. You can override the sort values used by implementing the GetSortValue event handler.

Sortable WebListBox is currently the 14th ranked item in Feedback. Some discussion on this has requested client-side sorting. Keep a couple things in mind. Client-side sorting will not be as flexible as what WEListBox delivers via the GetSortValue event handler. If you’re already providing a sorting feature by refilling your WebListBox, this will work much faster with near-zero effort.

  1. I’ve added a WEAudio control. Use it to play sounds, like for a game. To support the widest range of browsers, you’ll want to specify an mpegURL (design time property) and an oggURL (design time property). A webmURL (design time property) is also available to set.

As explained in a note accompanying the class, WEAudio does not work with Android Chrome because the Android Chrome team feels that sounds should only be initiated by a click. These sounds are initiated by server code. A game might play a sound when the user first starts the game, without clicking anything on a page. For this reason, if you put sound into your app, you might suggest that your users on Android run it from Firefox.

I’m using WEAudio (a little earlier than what’s in this release) in a little app I whipped up for listeners of the Jay Mohr Sports radio show. It’s called “Cop Monkey Bear”. It’s similar to “Rock Paper Scissors”. Cop beats bear, bear eats monkey, monkey bites cop. Yes, this is what interests people who listen to a national sports radio show . Play here (when the site is up):


Web Essentials is available for purchase from the Studio Stable webiste for $69.95. It includes free updates for the life of the product. Learn more about it and try the live demonstration here:


Brad Hutchings
Hutchings Software