[ANN] Release of open source ORM

BytefactoryORM is a set of classes that allows you to interact with your databases in an object-oriented manner. No need to write SQL statements anymore! It’s comparable to Bob Keeney’s ActiveRecord port for Xojo - though not intended to be any competition.

Status quo
Please note that right now, it’s not even close to be finished. The code is still highly uncommented (I know it by heart though - working with it every day ;-)). I intend to change that. There’s no documentation yet. Some code is reeealy old and needs to be revised anyway.

For a beginning, please refer to the readme at GitHub and the code itself (though uncommented). Furthermore, it currently only supports SQLite. Support for other databases can be added very easily by subclassing the DatabaseConnector class. The error handling is yet to be improved, too. Since I open source this piece of code, I highly encourage you not only to use it but also to contribute back. The community will thank you.

How it works - quick start
BytefactoryORM does not use introspection but rather queries fields through Operator_lookup. The pro’s: You don’t need to create any classes and/or add properties. The con’s: no auto-complete when it comes to field and table names. It’s just a decision I had to take and I went that route. If you would rather like to have auto-completion, I encourage you to take a look at Bob Keeney’s ActiveRecord port for Xojo. Changes to values are saved instantly - no call to a save method or such. It makes heavy use of variants and thus is weak-typed. By design – so please don’t beat me :wink:

More reading & download here: https://github.com/alexvonsiebenthal/BytefactoryORM

It does really cool relation/join handling - it’s a pity I haven’t had time to write it down yet.

We use it for several huge, database-heavy applications, both desktop and web.

Wow… This sounds great. Downloading it now to check it out.