(ANN) Mime Parser by Moth Software

Moth Software (that’s me) is proud to announce the availability of Mime Parser. It’s the component that is used in my application “Mail Archiver X” to parse emails.

An example application can be downloaded at https://www.mothsoftware.com/downloads/MimeParser.zip .


  • Parses all mails. Really all. Everything that comes in partially, screwed up or totally crappy.
  • All mails have content for text and html. No “this email is html only” as text, which you can’t search.
  • Mojibake can be recovered. A typical example is “Mit freundlichen Grüssen” which is “Mit freundlichen Grssen”. And no, a DefineEncoding followed by ConvertEncoding doesnt fix Mojibake.
  • The most complex attachment names are handled correctly (filename0=utf-8’’%D0%A1%D0%A3%D0%BF%D1%80%D0%98%D0%94%20%52%75%73%2E%70; filename1=%70%74%78).
  • Image and PDF attachments are shown inline with the mail. All other attachments have a clickable document preview.
  • Shows nice quotes for simple mails.
  • Optionally external content can be downloaded and saved into the html part of the mail.
  • Can show mails in DarkMode when there is no style information.
  • Can show a context menu in the preview which offers a simple hook to do something with the attachment. Clicking on an attachment in the preview has the same hook.
  • Mac only currently!
  • MBS plugins required!!!

Example and documentation
The download contains an example app, a folder with mails and the documentation.

Where can I buy Mime Parser?
Mime Parser costs 200$ with taxes where applicable. Go to https://mothsoftware.onfastspring.com/mime-parser-xojo .

License: After purchasing you will get the non-encrypted source code for Mime Parser.