Animated Custom iOSToolButton Image

Does anybody know whether it is possible to create a custom iOSToolButton image and animate it? I’d like to emulate the Sync tool button used in the Evernote app. If you don’t know the app, please click the link to download a small video and look in the top right corner, next to the Search tool button:

This looks like what can be done with a canvas and a timer.

In the Evernote app, the Sync button acts like a regular button on the toolbar (i.e. you can tap it) and, during a sync operation, it animates so show that a sync is in progress. I don’t know that I could achieve that with a canvas, Michel?

It may not be a navigation bar. You can perfectly well have a view with no navigation bar on top, then make your own with a label, canvases and a separator. I believe the app you show could be done that way.

Yes I agree Michel but I use the navigation bar in my app for a few things and it’s good having it as a real, native navigation bar. I am really looking for a way to have an animated iOSToolButton image in the native navigation bar and I was hoping that a Declare Master might leap to my aid. :wink:

No need for declare.

There does not seem to exist a method to change an already added button’s image as would a desktop toolbar, but you can remove and add again a new button through a timer.

dim zo as new iOSToolButton(iOSToolButton.Type.Plain, "",a3)
pos = "a3"[/code]

I played with 4 round arrows in hours increment (a at 3 hour here), and use this code to replace the button at intervals to have it rotate. I was fearing flicker but it does not seem to be the case.

Nevertheless, it would be nice to be able to simply change a button’s image.

Thanks Michel. I’ll give this a try.