Animate a table row's visibility

On iOS, is it currently possible to animate table rows? For instance, can you animate the appearance of a new row in the middle of an existing group? An example of this behaviour is in the iOS Calendar app when you are creating a new event. If you tap a start or end date the date picker control animates down as a new row.

I don’t mind using a 3rd party solution is necessary.


I think this is automatic since Xojo 2018r3

I think you may be right - looks like it may have been added in Xojo 2018 r2: OSCustomTableCell.UseDynamicHeight.

UseDynamicHeight is different from animation.

But yes animation was added in 2018r2:

Which is a feature I would like to disable, but Xojo doesn’t give the option.

As I recall, the animation only plays if you use insertrow or removerow. I think you should be able to avoid the animation by just reloading the table. (I did this by accident one day)