I stumbled across this announcement today:

This is the second time in my career that Xojo has solved a huge platform dilemma for me. Here’s the story:

Through the 90’s and early 2000’s, I was a Visual Basic programmer. It was easy, I understood it, and I could create programs quickly. I made an extra living using it. Then, around 2006 or so, I saw that my time was running out as Microsoft was abandoning it. I looked at VB.NET (it’s replacement), C++, and Java and wasn’t excited about any of them. I am an anesthesia provider and have zero formal training in computer programming. Being faced with a new programming language is a bigger obstacle for me than most. Fortunately, I discovered RealBasic (which would become Xojo) and my side business was saved. Within a few years, programming in Xojo became my primary business.

Two months ago, I released my first iOS app. Within an hour of releasing it, I rec’d tons of emails asking when I would release my app for Android. I promised I would try my best and purchased an Android for Dummies book. I could tell immediately that the transition would be difficult for me. I have struggled to wrap my head around all the new concepts over the past two weeks and had not gotten significantly beyond “Hello World”. I was genuinely beginning to get discouraged.

In short, I am seriously excited about this.

Congrats to Xojo and thanks so much for the Android support!!!