Android Update Video With Paul Lefebvre

Watch our Android update video here!

Great video with a lot of progress in Xojo Android integration. I’m web and mobile developper. I really appreciate your product but I still waiting for Android support. any idea of availability ? I see this topic in your forum from years. Is 2020 will be the year for Xojo Android support ?

There is some progress, but still a lot of things on the todo list.

Maybe Xojo Inc. can just include an Android preview for r2 or r3 and let everyone play with it. Maybe even add something for licensing, so you can use r2/r3 to build and run Android apps without the need of an Android license until the end of this year. Later developers need to move to r4 later in the year, when it is finished? Maybe a good idea to not charge until things like debugger are complete.
@Geoff Perlman, think about tt.

@Geoff Perlman @Paul Lefebvre

i made some notes about android:

StartActivityForResult is needed to start other installed app and get their result. android apps are some kind of modular.

a Simple Camera Class with Focus Mode is needed . (photo documentation)

Barcode/QR/ID Reader from (live) Image would be fine. (must have at business apps)

question about opengl, is OpenGL ES (for Embedded Systems) used or is it the same as Desktop version?

nothing saw about RunTime Permissions … for most of all permissions the user must allow this.

ShowMap* (Google Maps Service should be mentioned as charged)

will the UI restored after Turn of the Device?

are color schemes considered?

will xojo share the android sdk from android studio? (i like to have it installed once and only set the path to it)

a Project Group in IDE would be fine to edit Dektop+Android at once.

go read my blog post about the Universal Project

Disclaimer: I am making no promises about what will be available when we ship, but here are my comments.

I’ve added this to our project tracker so we can consider it.

Yes, this is already on our list.

Already on our list, although not expected to be a launch feature.

OpenGL ES is not something we are planning at the moment. I’ve added it to our project list for future evaluation.

Right now we automatically include the necessary runtime permissions in the app manifest for you. I expect we will have a way for you to include others.

This currently just starts the Google Maps app on the device, so the API doesn’t come into play. A native control would use the Maps API and note that Google charges for it.

There are Xojo events that will allow you to do this yourself. No decision has been made whether we will also offer tighter integration with Android services for this.

We do want to have theming.

We typically tie Xojo to a specific SDK so that we don’t require a specific version of the platform maker’s tools to be installed and to prevent platform updates from breaking things in Xojo.

That’s not really within the scope of the Android project.

you have to go step by step, there is also a need for a class to read the status of the sensors

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thank you for answering all my questions :slight_smile:

It’s been less than a year since XDC 2019 so hopefully you can see the tremendous progress we’ve made in that time. We don’t discuss when things will be available, but you can review the Xojo Roadmap here:

The preliminary released info about the new PDFDocument class lists Desktop, Console and Web, and touch iOS when it gets API 2.0 overhaul, but… no Android mention?

What we will have for form layouts as Android have multiple choices, formats and live rotation and live expansion/collapse (unfolding/folding devices)?

It seems weird to talk about a feature that is not yet available for a platform that also is not yet available, but PDF is on our list for Android, although not likely a launch feature.

To match how layouts are done on other platforms, Android is using FrameLayout to start.

@Paul Lefebvre
Will printing either via Bluetooth or TCP connection be available
To enable communication with label printers in factories?
Also Bluetooth for barcode scanners etc?

I need UDP socket support, I saw in another video that that this will be possible in iOS soon.
Will android also support this?

Printing is on the project plan, although not likely a launch feature.

I have added Bluetooth to our list, but that is not a launch feature.

UDP is on our list, although not likely a launch feature.

Well, iOS, less important to me, is listed as “will have it as soon as we update it to API 2.0”, so it is not weird to ask if the other, most used OS, will have the proper set of features to match it, as it will start already API 2.0 prepared.

Thanks for the update Paul. Some of the app i would be interested in setting up in xojo have some data that i’m not too eager to be in the open, i used fingerprint unlock on the protoypes to be sure that the right user is accessing them…That trick requires android 6.0 to work so the sdk pick that is being used for development (5.0) would make it impossible to do so. Any insight on this?

Biometric authentication is on our list, but it is not a launch feature.

Let me clarify the SDK details. It seems like I left it out of the slides, but we are developing against Android 9.0 (API 28) with the minimum version set to Android 5.0 (API 21). This allows us to use Android 6, 7, 8 and 9.0 features, but we have to make sure they appropriately fall back (or do nothing) when run on older Android versions. This would allow something like biometrics when run on a device with Android 6 or later.

Our goal is to always target a minimum version that lets us reach 80% of the devices in use, so the minimum version we support could change. However, newer Android versions are not adopted very quickly (at least compared to iOS) so things do seem to change more slowly.

There is no biometrics support for apps before API 23(biometrics was a device unlock only feature before) so i don’t think you will be able to gracefully fallback for devices older than 6.x .

If is accurate going 6.x+ would be 74,8 and they don’t even count Q in their stats.

Right, so then on an older OS the feature would have to do nothing, raise an exception, etc. I suspect we will have options when we get to looking at that.