Android Toolbar

I am currently evaluating Xojo version 2023R4.My last license was Pro 2017. I am currently testing an Android project and I can’t seem to find any event for Android Toolbar. I was able to display the toolbar but how to control if a user clicks or presses one of the items?

Any direction to a solution is highly appreciated. Thanks!

I think you mean “how do I do something when the user presses one of my toolbar buttons?”, in what case you need to add the ToolbarButtonPressed event handler to the MobileScreen that you’ve added the toolbar buttons to.

e.g., if you had a button captioned “Close” and wanted to act on that, you might add code like the following to YourScreen.ToolbarButtonPressed:

if button.Caption = "Back" then
end if
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Thank you for guiding me, Tom! I’ve been looking in the wrong places. Kudos to you!

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