Android Target

There doesn’t seem to be a Targets Android (unless my eyesight is going).

Hey Bob, It’s at the bottom of the list. I needed to scroll a bit to find it. Android - Xojo Programming Forum

Here it is:

That’s not how it appears when creating

a new topic.

And all the others are in alphabetical order.

I guess someone at Xojo can change the order for this? @Alyssa_Foley
Here is a Gif, Targets - Android is way down the list (1)

I’ve bumped Android up to underneath iOS. It seems logical that they should be together as they are both mobile targets.


If you dont like to scroll, you can just type “android” in the search box that already has the focus.

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Given that the rest are in alphabetical order, Android should be first.

Fair point. That’s now done. I hadn’t actually noticed that they were in alphabetical order. I usually use browser bookmarks to the main categories, and the search box for the others.