Android Tablet Recommendations

Definitely off topic, because there’s still no Xojo Android support, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
In the recent discussion about the mid-2015 MBP being banned by some airlines because of its burning battery feature, I need to have a Plan B, just in case they won’t let me on the plane with my 2015-MBP.
I’m looking to buy a cheap Android tablet, and would like some recommendations. It’s only going to be used when I travel, so that I can do a bit of web browsing and get my email. Basically the same things I can do with my phone, but with a bigger screen. So, I don’t want to spend a huge pile of money.
Any recommended brands?
What features should I be looking for?
I do want USB support and ability to read/write SD cards.

I recently bought a 10" tablet on Amazon for my grand son. The screen is excellent.

For my Android development, I am using a Samsung Galaxy A, which can be found refurbished on eBay for not much. It has the advantage to be LTE, so with a chip you can get Internet where there is no WiFi. It is high end. Costs over $400 new.

i have a nice 10" tablet from ALLDOCUBE with metal casing.
the only downside was the quality of self cam, maybe manufactured at monday.
name was cube t12 and i guess there is a new model/product of it.

You will need a tablet OTG compatible and a USB/SD card Android OTG dongle for SD card reading.

I believe this cheap Lenovo can handle things at a satisfactory level for it’s price. (It’s Android 8, but just after first run ask for a check for upgrade it will download and install Android 9)

Forget things like using a cam in a cheap tablet, just use your phone.

And… this one is wi-fi only and a bit slow.

This ALLDOCUBE as Markus said has LTE:

in past my cube T12 was new 86 EUR at offer

Thanks everyone. Lots of good information. I’ll have a look at the models mentioned.
One thing that I’d meant to ask was whether the operating system is upgradeable. It appears that it is on some of them, but I’ve seen various reviews stating that with some others, you’re stuck with what it comes with.

Apart from Google tablets, don’t expect indefinite updates, as you would in iOS. Most if not every Android tablet maker will sometimes do one major update, then you are stuck.

I bought an Amazon Fire Tablet HD 10 a few years back, and honestly, it gets way more use than I ever expected. They’re cheap and fairly rugged, so perfect for travel and you can sideload just about any android app you want onto it that isn’t already on Amazon’s app store. I still get occasional updates on it despite it being several iterations behind the current product.