Android Screen Layout

Developing for iOS, there is a view for iPad and for iPhone and is possible to place controls in large screens like the iPad ones.
I want to make an App for an Android Tablet and in Xojo for Android I am not finding how to do it. Only let me design for Android phones.
Is there a way to do it ? Or is something that we would have in future Xojo releases ?

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No tablet design yet for Android. I read this somewhere.

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So the only one chance to have a Xojo Android App running in an Android Tablet is under the layout of an Android phone ? Like when running an Iphone App in an iPad ?

From what I read, at this moment, yes.

You can search the forum and/or blog, I’m pretty sure I read this information here. Maybe search for posts by Paul.

Edit: I think Android is still in beta, maybe Tablet support will come before the end of beta?

Andriod is not any more in beta. It is included in the last two releases as platform Xojo supports. It is possible to say that it is in the early stages an because of that many features are not included yet. But I understand that it is not in beta.
@Javier_Menendez do you have any information about the Android screen layout for Tablets ?

I think you need to read this blog post from Xojo:

Although still in Beta, there have been many improvements to Android in the last few releases and in this post I’ll highlight a few things that have been added or improved starting with Xojo 2023r4 and through the recently released 2024r2.

Paul Lefebvre is the author of that blog post and he is saying that is ‘still in Beta’.

I hope this clear things.

It seams you are right. For me is a surprice that XOjo includes a beta version in an oficial IDE release.

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We should vote for this case:

Perhaps the best thing would be to create a new feature request.

I think they underestimated the need for tablet management. Admittedly, the general market is overwhelmingly made up of Android-based phones. But as far as Xojo developers are concerned, I think the market is different, because many of us develop professional applications, therefore often for tablets.
They should at least allow screen resizing in the IDE, that would be an important first step.

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@olivierV Thanks for let me know that there is an issue already created. I had already voted.

I agree that many profesional applications need larger screens (like tablet ones) and Android tablets are quite more inexpensive than iPads. So the need is real and could represent an opportunity to growth the number of Xojo applications that could be developed using Xojo for Android, with the real and known limitations that right now this platform has as it is still in Beta.

If someone read this post please vote this case too: