Android, first impressions

Hello all!

I’m currently testing Xojo’s Android target, and I’ve got a good first impression! The Xojo team seems to have produced a simple, coherent and effective result. I shouldn’t be surprised, but it’s always good to see. I’ve never used the IOS target (just to test a bit at first), so this type of target was new to me. A big congratulations also to Martin for all his work on “Android Design Extensions”!!

Is this target expected to have a sustained development this year? Or will Xojo, after all its efforts to produce it, now concentrate more on other projects before returning more intensively to this target?

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MapViewer with OpenStreetMap for Android would be nice. i not see this at controls.

It’s ‘a start’

In the meantime, you can load it into the HTMLviewer. The advantage is that you’ll have many more possibilities, and new features will be taken into account much more quickly. Your native Android app code can communicate with the HTMLviewer content, so I think you can do anything. Last but not least, you get like this a multiplatform solution with very little work: mobile, desktop, web.

For my part, I’d prefer Xojo to focus on what we can’t do via declare, Martin’s great work, and the HTMLviewer (like better support for tablets with adapted layouts and controls, better support for external libraries, although I haven’t tried it yet). I hope Christian will come up with plugins for Android too!


yes it brings me to the idea to use my raspberry 4 as map tiler server

because it is just for personal use, for me and free of charge.

Darn, I’ve just seen that byref parameters aren’t supported on Android. As someone who uses them extensively, this means I can’t use most of my methods and modules.

EDIT: there’s Paul’s workaround:

It’s also been a long time since I’ve seen the documentation (I still only use the web 1 framework). It doesn’t seem very intuitive. Paul’s beautiful PDF books no longer exist? They were useful for learning about a new platform, etc.

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