Android Desing Extension 2.5 not work?

Hi to all.
I’m trying to use Android Design Extensions 2.5.
I downloaded version 2.5 from git.
I start it with Xojo 2024r1.
The device completes the “Wait for debugger” and then disappears.
But then the device remains waiting with a white screen…

What am I doing wrong?


The virtual device is configured with Pixel 8 Pro API 30 (1344x2992)

Xojo’s Android Debugger Bridge is very slow when executing larger Android projects such as the Android Design Extensions.

Deactivate the breakpoints in Xojo (Project > Breakpoint > Ignore All) and try to run it again.

Thanks! In this way work!
Does this mean that if I want to use Design Extensions I won’t be able to set breakpoints…?

The “problem” you describe has nothing to do with the Android Design Extensions. It is on the side of Xojo, because the creation of the symbol table for larger projects takes an enormous amount of time. This then leads to the “white screen” you describe, which is displayed until Xojo’s work is done in the background and all data between Xojo’s Android Debugger Bridge App and the IDE (debugger) has been generated.

Think about this: You could copy only those modules from the Android Design Extensions folder into your project that you really need for your project.

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Thanks Martin!