Android Barcode

I wrote an android app that uses barcode reader in order to read a qrcode.
It works fine at android simulator and devices with older android versions, but
when i install an apk by link for example in a Redmi Note 11s with last android version
it works fine during one or two days but after just does’n work, when the app tries to scan
the control event Failed is called and it doesn’t scan the qrcode.
Some hint ?

have you used the device photo app in the meantime?
if you drop your app from running apps list to close it, and restart it, does it work then? (view with the square button) i have a note 11 with miui 14.0.4

i haven’t used photo app, even i close the app it does not work.
I have Miui 14.0.3 and android 13, i also tried on android 12 but it does not work.
I have installed the last version of android too but it makes no difference.

  • When i restart the device to factory settings it works fine.
  • If i update the app or reinstall the app it stops working. i’ve just made this, it works fine the first time,
    when i update stops working.
    anyway i appreciate your attention.
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