Android 2021 Summer Preview - RegEx/Xml missing

@Paul_Lefebvre - The blog post on the current state of Android lists classes and controls that will be available for Android. I miss RegEx and XmlDocument.

RegEx is definitely available in Kotlin, which is the basis of the Android framework.

And it looks like there is also something like XmlDocument in Kotlin:

Since RegEx and XML are implemented in Xojo as internal plugins, I would expect those to come over once they can get it to use plugins.

I understand that Christian. But in this case, why use plugins/external library when Kotlin framework brings everything natively? You would “only” need to overload the existing methods for Android and add the native Kotlin code.

One XML code usable with Mobile(2), Desktop(3), Web, … ?

While Xojo inc could recreate all their RegEx and XML classes in jolting using that framework, I would prefer long term to have the plugin interface working and then Xojo Inc. can provide you with the same classes as elsewhere.


Do not expect RegEx and XMLDocument in v1 of Android.