Analyze "XXXXXXXX" Does nothing under 19r3.1?

I’m refactoring a project to replace a number of PagePanel page contents with ContainerControls. I’ve just noticed that if the Container is the current tab in the IDE and I type CMD-SHIFT-K to analyze the container, the Project menu flashes, but the analysis is not performed. If I type CMD-K, the entire project is checked as normal.

Searching Feedback returns nothing that matches. Is this a known issue?

Apparently this isn’t new as I’d reported it back in 2015 days …


The difference being that I don’t seem to need to perform a few debug runs before it happens now.

Even more frustrating - when I first load the project after exiting and relaunching the 19r3.1 IDE, the “Analyze current item” menu is not even enabled - even after closing and reopening the item in a new tab. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a class, a module, a window, or a container.

Another 90 minutes lost …

Only the gods know why you need to have code visible to have Cmd-Shift-K doing anything. Menu item enabled or not.

This seems to be a very old bug. (I fired 2013r1 and get it)

Also, in the last released version (2019r3.1), Cmd-Shift-K in a brand new and empty project is ignored (but this may be by design).

Adding the Open Event Handler (without code) allow the scan.

Nota: it is many years that I stopped to use keyboard shortcuts (since the build Keyboard Shortcut have been changed: I never learned the new one and issued the previous with consequences…). And I am usually a keyboard user (I came from the Apple //c).

I heard Beatrix calling :slight_smile:
4Tim: Please raise a Feedback Bug report. AFAIK this should work for any ‘code unit’ selected in the Navigator. Bear in mind that I could be wrong - in which case the report might become a Feature Request.

This has annoyed me for quite some time: <>

Can you make the issue public?