Analyze Project not working???

I have a project that I KNOW has at least two project analysis warning (as per RS2012v2.1)
yet Xojo is silent… doesn’t say “Checks out ok.” … doesn’t say “here are some issues”
just plain doesn’t say anything…

Analyze Project is working as expected in a quick test I just did. If it doesn’t display anything, then no issues were found.

What issues were you expecting?

I did notice today that if I click the “Check this item for errors” button above the Code Editor, it appears to do nothing. :confused:


I have one Method where all the arguments are not used
and one Deprecated Method

here is a screen shot from R2012v2.1

Xojo reports NOTHING

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I fixed your image (you have to include the http prefix in the URL).

I don’t know about the analyze project issue. I just created a project with a method with an unused parameter and added the usage of FolderItem.MacType. I got both warnings as expected.

Is it possible the Errors pane is not appearing? Try clicking the triangle with the exclamation at the bottom of the main window.

Ok here is what I did…

a) Loaded my project into Xojo (XML format if that matters)
b) pressed Cmd-K
c) Xojo showed Analysis Progress info at top of screen
d) when done… NOTHING
e) clicked on /!\ at bottom of screen
f) “Errors” window opened… EMPTY

Going through the menu (Project-Analyze project) seems to work. The button on the toolbar does not. And the feedback linked is not visible to everyone.

Nope… I get same results if I press Cmd-K or click the menu item

Strange - if I start a new project and create a method that doesn’t use the parameters I get the Unused Method Parameters warnings using Cmd-K or the menu.

If I create A NEW project… it seems to work… but not on a project that existed BEFORE Xojo

You may have to submit a private case to Xojo. I just created a simple test project in 2011r3 and then opened it in Xojo and I still got the unused parameters warning…

i got the same problem of nothing showing after clicking on the ‘Analyze Project’ until you make some minor change and perform the ‘Analyze Project’ again

It should now be visible to everyone.