An Isometric engine (2.5D)

Tim Seyfarth had a specific question about adding a Z-axis to a floorplan. Immidiately I was thinking about the Isometric games like Diablo and I thought it would be a nice thing to try it out in Realbasic/Xojo. However, it looked like it was not that easy to implement as it seems. A lot of math is needed to create an engine like this. As my time is limited, I decided to spend some evenings translating an existing engine into Realbasic/Xojo. I have chosen the ?Iso (?Isometric Engine: A Java Isometric Engine) engine.

The full source code can be downloaded from

Very impressive.

Download link is ‘404 not found’ for me!? Very excited to check it out.

@Will Shank This was pointed out to me and the link has been changed. Copy and paste error :slight_smile: where I forgot the http://

Getting it now. Many Thanks.


The engine looks great but I get a NillObjectException in ‘BufferedImage’'s setter. Thanks anyway, I’d love to check it out.

@Oliver Scott-Brown Can you point out exactly where it happens? Did you change the path to the sprites like mentioned in the note?

Oh, sorry. I did not read the notes.

It now says Build Failed?

@Oliver Scott-Brown Did you reed the second part of the notes? Depending on your version of RB/Xojo you need to make a change in the LoadABImage() function. I don’t know the version of RB where the .Open() starts to work with transparent PNGs and you do not need to use the PNGUtilities Plugin any more.

Yes. I may have done something wrong. Do you use Xojo or just RealStudio?

It has been tried in both RB2007r4 and Xojo. In xojo there seems to be a problem sometimes that after some time you get a Threat Draw Exception but this seems unrelated to your problem. Where does the build fail in your code?

It says ‘Compiling…’. And then for a very short period of time a box is shown and it says ‘Build Failed’, i think. It is so quick it is hard to tell. Maybe its a bug in Xojo.

Managed to get it past the compiler but now it says ThreadAccessingUIException?

Yes, that is the one: ThreadAccessingUIException. I’m looking into it later

I am looking into it now. I will try and fix it.

Would be great! Post me if you have a solution, I’ll put it up the blog. Thx!

To be honest, I have not tested this properly. The reason why that error occured is because Xojo does not allow you to directly interact with controls from within a thread so what I have done is made a timer. I did not put much thought into this and you could definitely improve it in many aspacts, even naming things.

Thanks. Looks amazing.