An error occurred during Xojo Cloud deployment

Hi, I am trying to deploy the web app and after sending the app to the server I received this error: ( An error occurred during Xojo Cloud deployment. Please wait a few minutes and try again.)

I restarted the server and tried again with same problem.

I will take a look at your server and get back to you.

Hello Hye. I have the same problem too. I have followed the steps shown. I have also restarted my laptop and Xojo cloud server several times. But still there is an error β€œAn error occurred while connecting to the Xojo Cloud server.”

Ok, I will take a look and contact you with the server specific details.

I summarize the list I already have to solve problems with XOJO Cloud:

  1. You cannot access your database. You have to send a DEPLOY to XOJO Cloud to activate your IP.
  2. The above applies in similar events when you cannot access cloud tools.
  3. For some reason you delete XOJO from your computer, it is necessary to recapture your username. Implies that you can lose the assigned license (momentarily). To get it back, delete any computer from my XOJO account. Then, re-activate it from:

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