An error occurred during Xojo Cloud deployment 2021 R1.1

After getting the message “Please wait a few minutes and try again.” I did a restart of the Xojo Cloud server, and continue to get the same message. I tried deleting the app on the Server, I still get the upload error. I tried rolling back to 2021 R1 and still the same (thought it may have had to do with going to R1.1, but not the case).

How long does “…a few minutes…” generally represent? Is there anything I can do on my end to determine what the problem is?

FWIW: All the apps I’m re-deploying to the Xojo server have been running there for months, and I have not changed the configuration.

I was able to deploy to your server. I will contact you with the details.

What was the problem? So we can learn from it.

I’d love to close this out with some “lessons learned”. I should let Jason help, he may have the best short-answer to the issue. I’m with you @Ralph_Alvy , I want to know how to quickly resolve these issues in the future :slight_smile:

Upon review it looks like it may be very specific to my configuration, and nothing that might apply to other accounts - so pasting details here might mislead others in their troubleshooting.

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Understood. Thanks for the update.