An answer to James Dooley: GraffitiSuiteR27.2 WebLikert error in Safari II

I am really sorry that the thread “GraffitiSuiteR27.2 WebLikert error in Safari” is locked as James Dooley suggested before I leave my reply.
I personally find it politically unfair. We are no enemies here nor there is no space for prejudice, we all try our best and we exchange opinions about how to become better professionals, expecially among a small Xojo community as James said…

Antony does not need an attorney, I appreciate his great hard work and its timely support and I have expressed my opinion to him
So I will leave a reply to James Doodley here:

"I agree with you James, but if the problem is the xojo framework maybe in the new one -which is expected- the problem would be fixed. And then, I would prefer to buy the new GraffitiSuite then that would support it… Alas, I dont know when the new version would be on the market…

If customers be happy then always will be the first preference to buy again, when is needed…
Also, I think that it is good policy for all companies always to offer a alternative support to customers and not only one-way option. I dont want to update my project because it works ok and also it may arise new problems with the new version’s s controls and so on…

Why one for example is not able to support its product by charging a fraction of its product price for such fixes in supporting its customers? I have never asked for a free support… On the contrary, I m always supporting developers for its hard work offering free tools and utilities I used, from time to time, by donating to them…

I’m more concerned with the thread being locked so quickly that other people are now unable to offer help/suggestions in that thread. Is this a sign of things to come where the community can’t help people if people with the power/control don’t like the direction of a thread? I don’t recall it happening this quickly before now, is this also a change in policy/direction? What rule did the thread break to be locked?


I have seen threads go on for a long time before they were locked if ever. Here, the thread turned more into a support me vs update your licence kind of argument. There was not much point in keeping it open. Threads squarely focused on working around or finding a solution to an issue remain open.

Through my glasses, no cause for concern. I believe that if the thread is recreated and remains focused on issue and solution, it will live forever.

Locking the thread without leaving enough time for the two parts to express the train of thoughts behind the requests and their reactions can create wrong impressions to future readers and it is a matter of respect the participants, as there was not any fighting, no personal offenses, just discussing the situation and expressing opinions, with good manner and mood… Now can be closed properly, there is no point to be active.

@Michael Batakis , I could be wrong, but would not a private thread be more appropriate, if you feel that your exchange with Anthony had not reached its natural conclusion ?

What is “XOJOR4” ?

I guess Xojo 2018r4

Yes, regarding private thread, you are right but unfortunately never thought about, as in my country was about 3.00 am… if i was invited i would be in… yes Xojo2018R4.

I agree, there was no reason to lock the thread. In my opinion, both Dooley and Brown expressed limited social communication skills. To both, let this be a lesson in democracy for the future.

Last I heard the only way to vote in this democracy was to be a shareholder in Xojo. And it would seem that the voters have continuously supported Geoff as the CEO/President. As the CEO he has ultimate control to set and maintain the rules in this forum.

To my mind if you have an issue with a 3rd party provider such as GraffitiSuite or perhaps MonkeyBread you’d first raise the issue on their site. My second method of contact would be through if the product was purchased through their site.

Otherwise raising the issue here as the last resort, but expect that Xojo don’t want/need to know and may shut the door as seems to have happened here seeing as Anthony has responded privately.

Antony is a good guy and a hard working-skilled programmer and timely supportive. However he still insists to its policy which I personally find restrictive and a kind of irrational for the reasons I explained above… No bad feelings about…

Michael, as a provider of an add-on class for Xojo (RubberViews), I can confess that if I was to eat with my Xojo sales, I would have to go to the food bank…

The Xojo add-on market is minuscule. To the point that supporting a class is close to a volunteer work. I cannot speak for Anthony, but for myself, I rather update an app I have in the MAS or the Windows Store, because at least, they bring $$$ in.

Sorry to be blunt, but any professional developer has to set priorities. I cannot afford to work for near nothing. That would be suicidal.

I see your point… But for exampe other developers (and within Xojo-community) has the policy that buy our classes for X amount of money and then they charge a fraction of money for support THEIR products eg by charging X/3 per year for support. This is a well-established and widely accepted way of work…

Think this…Most users buy a product with a lot of classes in order to use some and then after a year they need to use another class and found a bug need fixing and must pay the same whole amount of money for just using this extra control (which he has bought last year)… Theoretically, over time the cost of each control becomes X !!!

Anyway, I use to put ‘likes’ to good arguments and not only to those are in line with my persective (which maybe is biased and there is a possibility to make up my mind after a series of sound arguments) :slight_smile:

Micheal, you don’t get the point. As a single person company, I have a HUGE amount of work to maintain current apps in the various platforms like the Mac App Store, the Google Play Store (Android), the Windows Store, and Amazon, to name the biggest ones. When I spend, say, one hour updating an app for Mac and Windows in Xojo, the result will be more than $2000 in the coming week. And I am being modest.

I do spend an hour a day in various forums to unwind, but the rest of my day is often shared between coding, duplicating CDs, printing sleeves, assembling products, and preparing boxes to ship to Amazon.

Are you ready to pay $2000 an hour to support the product you bought for a measly $149.95 ?

That is exactly the reason why I stopped selling encrypted classes for $99.95. Not worth my time.

Michel. I got your point exactly as you state it. The issue is that you are not getting the point of the other side. Also, I have put some arguments in my first post but nobody elaborate it but continues to insist to its point of view.

I don’t think that I am saying or asking non-sense things. In the present case, you forget that the bug has been fixed in next versions, so maybe there is 0 time to support a customer whose has paid an annual fee for having a support.