Alternatives for Crashplan

Crashplan is getting on my nerves. The lovely app stops doing backups without any information. This occurred a couple of weeks ago and it took over 10 days to get the backup working again. Today it happened again.

I’ve already looked at Backblaze and wasn’t impressed. SpiderOak One has a very strange interface.

What are you using as cloud backup? with is working great for me.

ArqBackup can back up to multiple services, so there’s a lot of flexibility.

I moved to after CrashPlan jacked up the price. What don’t you like about it?

I am using backblaze tooo… not too bad

With Backblaze I wasn’t able to backup my application folder. Since my bug tracker (Redmine) is business critical In instantly deleted Backblaze.

I’ll have a look at Arq.

In the afternoon I had a look at Tresorit. But they don’t even have an interface for excluding files.

after crashplan announced end of non-business user plans, I’ve tried blackblaze. But it’s price calculation per requests is killing me, i’m talking about their B2. There is no way to backup my NAS except to B2.

Now i’m using idrive, and it is working perfectly for nas and macs.

If you’re looking something more configurable, please check Duplicati