Alternative to Sectigo (formerly Comodo) for Certification

For the last four weeks, I’ve been trying to get a certification for a Windows App through K Soft.
After overcoming the issue of browser incompatibility they have, my information was passed on to Sectigo, formerly known as Comodo, to verify and issue the certificate.
They insist that the old phone number Dunn and Bradstreet have on file for me is the only one they will use.
Since I have no way of updating that, can anyone tell me if there is another company that provides Windows App certificates for installers?

Thanks in advance.

I also have an application pending, to replace a Comodo certificate that just expired. It’s different in that I’ve since formed an LLC, whereas the old one was in my own name.

In my case I’m getting an “opinion” letter from my attorney, which I’m told should satisfy the requirements. It was also mentioned that a notary could handle it–but as I read their “template” letter it looked to me more like lawyer country.

I looked into D&B registration, but offhand it looked like they basically want the same stuff that Sectigo does.

This doesn’t answer your “alternative to Sectigo” question; I’m only suggesting you’re not dead yet.

In my opinion the whole process isn’t exactly a well oiled machine and mostly adds work and costs to get software out there. Out of all the browsers and version of them in the world, only 1 worked for their website. I’m now waiting for my Dunn & Bradstreet details to be updated as that is the only organisation I can use to get validated in the world.