Alternative for AppleScript for Finder

I’m trying to get final touches done for Mojave.

To show previews for mail attachments I’m using QuickLook from the MBS plugin. This needs file to work. But the Finder needs a tiny hint, that there are new files. For the mail clients the popup makes sense, but the one for the Finder might confuse users. Is there an alternative for the following script:

dim ScriptText(-1) as string ScriptText.Append "tell Application 'Finder'" ScriptText.Append "ignoring application responses" ScriptText.Append "update folder '" + RunAS.EscapeString(CacheFolder.NativePath) + "' with necessity" ScriptText.Append "end ignoring" ScriptText.Append "end tell"

that doesn’t use AppleScript?

Have you looked at NSWorkspaceMBS? NSWorkspaceMBS.noteFileSystemChanged might do what you need.

I started using this as soon as I found it. In any location where I save a file in my apps, I include an #if TargetMacOS block with a call to that MBS function. Being able to pass the new file’s FolderItem makes this process very quick.

@Kevin Gale: thanks, this looks like what I need.