Alternative approaches to MDI?

Hi all,

I’m starting to explore some cross-platform options for handling multiple documents in my project.

Over the years, I’ve come to enjoy the Mac concept of having a permanent titlebar, and of course, I could simply use a single window for each document. Of course, this doesn’t really work in Windows, and as discussed elsewhere on the forum (here, here, etc.), the classic MDI interface in Windows seems to be strongly discouraged.

One approach is to use a single window and show multiple documents in a sort of tab panel. Xojo does this, as well as any number of Adobe programs.

Before I start trying to create a custom tab panel from scratch, I figured I would ask here first: has anyone already done this sort of thing? Is there an existing control somewhere I can purchase? Are there any alternatives to the tab panel approach I should consider instead?

Thank you all for your feedback!