Alternating popup menu colour?

Is it possible to have alternating row colours for a pop up menu’s items?

I know how to do this for a listbox, but not sure if it’s possible on a pop up menu for windows.

Thank you all in advance for any help.

No. You would need to create your own PopUpMenu Control for this.

Nor is it standard HIG for Windows. Adding alternating rows may confuse users.

There was a thread for building a two-column listbox to be used as a combo box that could be modified for this, if further customisation is needed.

This is true of all custom controls, to a degree. In all cases creating a custom control should include this valoration. If there’s a benefit to being different that trumps that risk then it may be worth it.

Having said this, more and more “custom” controls are the norm rather than the exception. I’m not particularly in favor of custom controls, but users are pretty used to it now.