Aloe Express web pages gone?

Do the old Aloe Express web pages exist somewhere? It seems that is totally devoted to Aloe XWS now, and while I can download Aloe Express, I cannot find the old pages.

it’s not complete though.

Thank you!

There is also the archives page on the official site.

EDIT: That link is listed at the bottom of their home page

Douglas, yes that link has the app download, but not the web pages. Even the page only has the front page, and no sub-pages.

At the time, I was wanting to show someone that Aloe Express was released using the MIT licence, so could be used for commercial purposes.

I suspect the license is mentioned in the download, but I see your point. Maybe @Tim Dietrich could make more info available under the home page link to Aloe Express, but that is totally his call…

The license for Aloe Express is included as a note in the Xojo module.

Same for Aloe XWS.

I hope that helps.