Aloe Express: running as Xojo web app

I am trying to run Aloe Express as a Xojo web app but also want the web app itself to continue to run. For example Aloe Express would run on port 8080 and the Xojo web app on port 80 but all from within the same single Xojo web app. This way I get the best of both worlds eg easy restful API and easy UI creation with with Xojo web app features.

Is their a flag in Aloe that I can set to enable this because it appears to go into a loop and stops the Xojo web app from doing its stuff?

In Aloe.Server.Start there is an endless loop. You should be able to just keep a refrence to the AloeExpress.Server instance and remove the AloeExpress.Server.Start endless loop.

There should be something like:

While True

Just remove it


See ServerThread (another possibilty)

[quote=441492:@Derk Jochems]See ServerThread (another possibilty)[/quote]
Thanks Derk that was exactly what I was looking for.