Aloe Express 2019R2 Github


I did put the undeprecated files for Aloe Express on Github.

Creating a folder on GitHub online is like a new invented torture; someone should show them the windows explorer.
Adding a file and change it with / to create a directory is what I call crap-knowledge.

I found TortoiseGit… coooool… works like TortoiseSVN.
But, it does not work due to our proxy settings.
So, I have to switch network connection to mobile phone access point… good intranet security!

I use a private repository and would like/need to have the user id if somewhat wants access.
At the moment, I would not like to make it public due to paranoia about Aloe Express license and personal paranoia;-)

The source is changed and I did not comment my changes (I can blame myself for this;-).

This is to 99% original

// let c be b added to a c = a + b //or dim a as string = "test"

this is mine

c = a + b // ingenious comment here... //or dim a as string a = "test"

I have also to strictly separate general source code (LIB\Xojo\) from internal source (VW\Xojo\) because my office (including me) does not trust github nor anything else hosted online (USA and Germany!).

Please let me know anything I made wrong or is easier to do; never forget I still am learning programming since 1982 and keep on learning;-)

I am looking forward to seeing Your criticism.

Thanks a lot!

Very nice.

But how can I find it on github?

Hello Jens,

as the repos is private, I would guess without knowing GitHub in detail, that I need Your github user id and can then grant You access to it.

Could that work or is making it public ok/needed/legal?

Ok, as I expected, I did not simply found a grant access management online.
I only found collaborators.

(Even when many people get used to use … it still is …)

I made it temporarily public…

Thank you very much.

There is one crazy thing in the code…

I did

dim D1 as DateTime D1 = new DateTime(DateTime.Now)

and not

dim D1 as DateTime D1 = DateTime.Now

Stupid me! I always miss the easy things…

Thank you for doing this… it is greatly appreciated!

For future knowledge, you could have simply forked the original…

Better than that, you could have requested that Tim add you as a contributor and you could simply have applied your updates to a new branch of the original.