Aloe Express 1.1 is Now Available

Aloe Express 1.1 is Now Available

Tim Dietrich has released an update to Aloe Express, an open-source module that can be used to quickly and easily build Web APIs, microservices, and more using Xojo.

Version 1.1 adds support for two new classes: HelperApp and ServerThread.

Xojo uses co-operative threads, with all threads running on a single core. To make use of additional cores, Xojo suggests using separate processes (or “helper apps”). With the new HelperApp class, developers can effortlessly integrate helper apps into their Aloe Express-based apps.

With the new ServerThread class, developers can create Aloe Express-based apps that listen for requests on multiple ports. Requests can be evaluated and processed based on the port that they are received on.

The Aloe Express demo app has also been updated with examples of the new HelperApp and ServerThread classes.

Aloe Express 1.1 is available for immediate download at