Aloe Express 1.0 is Now Available

Aloe Express 1.0 is Now Available

Tim Dietrich is pleased to announce the initial production release of Aloe Express (, an open-source module that can be used to quickly and easily build Web APIs, microservices, and more using Xojo.

Aloe Express is the next generation of the popular “Aloe” project that Tim released last fall.

“The original Aloe module was designed for use with the Xojo Web framework, giving developers a way to extend the framework and build advanced Web solutions,” said Tim. “Aloe Express takes that a step further. With it, developers have a solid foundation on which they can build all types of Web-based solutions - including APIs, microservices, apps, and more - and do so using Xojo console projects. As a result, developers have even more control and flexibility as they develop their solutions.”

Essential features of Aloe Express include:
• A multi-threaded model, where each request is processed in its own thread.
• Easy access to requests, including their headers, parameters, and more.
• Complete control over responses, including statuses, headers, content, and compression.
• Support for sessions, server-side caching, logging, and more.

Aloe Express is being distributed under an MIT License and is available for download at